Why Choose Us?

Invest New Hampshire Regional Center has developed its approach to the EB-5 Visa Program with a focus on several areas we believe make us the best choice for achieving your objectives:

    • Invest New Hampshire Regional Center EB-5 projects are located in rural TEAs.   Where EB-5 investments are made within USCIS-approved Targeted Employment Areas (“TEAs”), the requisite investment is reduced from US$1,000,000.00 to US$500,000.00.  TEAs occur in either areas of high unemployment or in rural areas. Nearly the entire State of New Hampshire is designated as a rural TEA. Where it is risky to base TEA designation on fluctuating unemployment numbers, our ability to use the rural TEA designation offers stability and assurance.
    • Invest New Hampshire Regional Center’s designated TEAs are based on census data and will be re-evaluated every 10 years.  According to the 2010 U.S. Census, a source of data required to identify TEAs, 7 of New Hampshire’s 10 counties are completely rural (excluding the cities of Concord in Merrimack County and Keene in Cheshire County).  Regional Centers utilizing high unemployment numbers to obtain TEA designation must provide up to date unemployment data when EACH EB-5 Investor files an I-526 with USCIS.  By contrast, the 2010 Census data we rely on for our rural classification will remain the same for the next 10 years, ensuring that every EB-5 Investor will receive identical TEA documentation from us to file with their I-526.
    • We are not a single purpose Regional Center.  Many Regional Centers were formed for the purpose of funding a single project and will cease to operate after that project is complete.  They do not have long term interests in mind.  Invest New Hampshire Regional Center will offer multiple opportunities in various and independent New Hampshire companies.
    • We do everything in-house.  We, the individuals running Invest New Hampshire Regional Center, will be integrally involved in your EB-5 experience and “Green Card”  procurement every step of the way.  Most, if not all, other regional centers outsource many components of the EB-5 process to outside companies or governmental entities.  We don’t think that disjointed management of the EB-5 process is in your best interest, or ours.  Our knowledgeable, cohesive team will communicate with each other and you to provide you with the best opportunity for success.  Ask us questions; we know the answers.
    • You are not  making a loan.  Many Regional Centers offer guaranteed returns as an incentive to get you to choose them.  A guaranteed return can be classified as a loan and could disqualify you from either I-526 or I-829 approval.  USCIS requires the entire minimum amount of your EB-5 investment to be fully at-risk.  We feel that our business model exemplifies the type of opportunities intended by the legislation that created this program – equity investments in viable businesses with realistic job creation and opportunities for growth.
    • Let’s “get married and stay married.” Many Regional Centers may offer you contractual exit strategies that are effectuated when the conditions are removed from your “Green Card.”  These are not permitted by USCIS (see point #6 on page one of seminal EB-5 case, In re Izummi, click here), as they do not want to see “a promise to get divorced before getting married.”  The owners of the companies participating in the EB-5 program  facilitated  by Invest New Hampshire Regional Center will be your partners, are excited about your involvement and are committed to respecting your objectives as the relationship evolves.

For more information specific to your individual requirements please click on the appropriate link below: If you’re an International Entrepreneur interested in learning more about Invest New Hampshire Regional Center’s EB-5  projects , click here. If you’re a New Hampshire Business interested in learning more about becoming an Invest New Hampshire Regional Center, click here.